My Story by Linda Maze
When I was a little girl there was unfortunately a lot of trauma in my home that was ongoing and horrifying and it caused me a lot of stress, fear, anxiety and depression. It was due to growing up with a father who was not only alcoholic but cynical, angry, explosive and violent through all hours of the morning on a regular basis. The following days I would have to go to school and try to pretend I was a normal kid, and I never talked about my home life because I was afraid to tell anyone. During those years I remember that music was one of the only things that could help me experience a pure sense of joy in the midst of my suffering. There were times I would come home for lunch from elementary school and dance around the coffee table as I listened to the music my older brother would play on the stereo and it had a such a profound magical effect on me as it lifted my young inner spirit.
Music is a gift of expression that can build a bridge from fear to hope, from hate to love, and from depression to happiness. Music is a way to praise, be thankful, express your love, and your innermost feelings that you may not be otherwise able to bring yourself to put into everday conversations. It bridges the gap between people by helping us realize that we share similar life experiences, feelings, emotions of pain and sadness and happiness, and we amazing creations that share common souls.
You may be surpised to find that the music I usually write is not about my being a victim of my circumstances, but more about my being extremely thankful that my life has changed so much and that I experience joy now virtually every day. My testimony is that I believe this joy comes from the blessings I have been given by a merciful and loving Father God, who has saved me, lifted me, guided me, and put me on a good path when it all could have so easily gone the wrong way. Have you experienced something similar in your life?