To Live – A Poem by Linda Maze

to love and to be loved
to eat and sit in your comfortable chair
to laugh out loud and often
to have true and loyal friends
to have an adventure every day
to appreciate and take in special moments
to be with the ones you love
to sleep like a rock
to feel the warm sunshine on your skin
to keep your body well worked and well nourished
to take care of what you have been given
to use your talents to bring enjoyment, energy, or healing to others
to have real conversations with people who get it
to guard your lips from speaking negative thoughts
to shut out evil, if it can’t be tamed
to have the wisdom to know what should be sacrificed
to have the courage to follow your heart, and dare to be different
to serve your loved ones whole heartedly
to trust for tomorrow
to realize you are loved by a wonderful creator
to know you are meant to be here
to love and to be loved
is to live.

Written by Linda Maze Monday August 29, 2016